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2014 - 2016 Future Projects
CLA CR 327 Upper Valley Pike Bridge Replacement
The intersection of Upper Valley Pike and County Line Road has experienced approximately 30 crashes since 2006.  A high majority of these accidents were attributed to failing to yield as a result of line of sight problems at the intersection.  For eastbound and westbound vehicles looking south on Upper Valley Pike, the line of sight is blocked by the guardrail on Bridge No. 279 located just south of the intersection.  This problem is magnified by vertical profile issues on approaches to the intersection.

Due to the need to adjust the profile and due to the current condition of the abutments and the superstructure, the bridge will be replaced as part of the project.  The project will also install or upgrade advanced warning signs on the approaches to the intersection. 

Bid Date    Funding Source
May 2014    Federal
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Clark 2010 SIP Application  

CLA CR 316 1.71 Lower Valley Pike Safety Project
The project will extend from Osborn Road to State Route 369 and will include shoulder widening, resurfacing, drainage improvements, and bridge replacements.  The section of roadway within Medway and the section east of Enon Road will only involve roadway resurfacing.

Bid Date    Funding Source
2015   Federal
Supplemental Files Available  
Stage 2 Plans  Right-of-Way Plans
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