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Community Development Block Grant
Current Grant Projects - PY2014 CDBG Program

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Allocation funds are awarded to communities in order to address a variety of issues in blighted and low-moderate income (LMI) areas. Funds are distributed to Clark County from the State of Ohio based on a formula. The following are projects being constructed in 2015 from the PY2014 CDBG Allocation program.  

Bethel Township Drainage Improvements Project

Using a combination of CDBG funds and local match funds from Bethel Township, the County will repair and replace fifteen catch basins throughout the Park Layne Neighborhood in Bethel Township. These repairs will aid drainage in the community.

Prentice Drive Street & Drainage Improvements Project (Phase II)

Using a combination of CDBG funds and local match funds from the City of New Carlisle, the County will install new curb and gutter, install new catch basins and drywells, and repave the road surface along a portion of Prentice Drive in the City of new Carlisle. This is the second phase of a multi-phase commitment to the replacement of street infrastructure on Prentice Dr. This will dramatically improve drivability, drainage, and aesthetics in the neighborhood.