Tax Sales

Delinquent Land Tax Sale Information

All sales are pursuant to the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code. Sales take place at Clark County Commission Chambers, 5th floor of the Municipal Court Building.

Listing of Upcoming Properties for Sale

The official listing of upcoming property to be sold can be found in The Springfield News-Sunday (three consecutive weeks in advance of the sale). Additionally, a list is posted in the lobby of the Common Pleas Courthouse, as well as on this website:

The list on this website is for informational purposes only and does not contain any withdrawals. A complete list of withdrawals are available at the Sheriff’s Office.

Conditions of the Sale

  • All bids begin at the minimum bid unless dictated otherwise by the courts.
  • If you purchase a property, you will need cash or a check in the full amount plus 1.5% poundage due at the conclusion of the sale.
  • All sales stipulate "buyer beware".
  • If you are the successful bidder, a deed will be prepared by the Sheriff’s Office once a copy of your confirmation from the Clerks Office is received. Deeds take approximately two to four weeks after confirmation.

Withdrawing Properties From a Sale

Properties may be withdrawn from a sale with a court order. For an updated listing of this weeks withdrawals, please contact Bryan Sullivan at 937-521-2058.