How can I find you?
The Clark County Utilities Department is located at 3130 E. Main St, in the Springview Government Center. We are across the street from the Cinema 10 Movie Theater in Springfield. When using a GPS to locate our office, you may need to use the address 3130 E. National Road because the street name was changed to E. Main Street several years ago but many GPS systems still list our address as E. National Road.

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1. How can I find you?
2. When is my bill due?
3. What if I can’t pay my bill by the due date?
4. What should I do about my service if I am moving?
5. How do I start new service?
6. What if I am having a sewer back-up?
7. How can I pay my bill?
8. Can I pay my bill through by bank online?
9. What if I am scheduled for disconnection?
10. Who do I call about a water main break, a fire hydrant leak, or sewer back-up?