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Unsolved Homicides
Current Unsolved Homicides by Date of Occurrence
Victim Place of Occurrence Date of Occurrence Details
Jessica Minter 2801 Anita Drive - Lawrenceville, Ohio 06-30-64 On June 30, 1964, 15-year old Jessica Minter died of multiple stab wounds in the living room of the Minter home located at 2801 Anita Drive.
Bobbie Ann Waymire Haddix Road 10-23-72 Bobbie Ann Waymire was strangled and her body was dumped along the side of the road on Haddix Road.
Marvin (Beau) King Possum Road 01-25-73 On January 25, 1973, 12-year old Marvin (Beau) King was reported missing from his mobile home on Upper Valley Pike. On January 26, 1973, an anonymous caller reported to the Springfield News/Sun and St. Mary's School that a body would be found in a field/ditch near the intersection of Springfield/Xenia Road at Rebert Pike. Clark County Sheriff's Detectives searched the area and later found the body of Marvin (Beau) King who had been reported missing. An autopsy of Marvin (Beau) King found that he had been strangled.
Robin E. Hartman Dead end of Temple Street in New Moorefield 08-21-81 Deputies were sent to the dead-end of Temple Street in New Moorefield reference to a decomposed body found over an embankment. The body was later identified as Robin E. Hartman who had been reported missing on 08-02-81. Robin Hartman was last seen prior to her disappearance on 06-29-81 at 11:30 p.m. in the city of Springfield, Ohio at the intersection of South Light Street at High Street.
Mary Frances Harris Snider Road Near Mad River 09-19-81 A farmer found Mary Frances Harris’ deceased body on the afternoon of 09-19-81 near the entrance of a field on Snider Road. Since that time, officials have been unsuccessful in determining the cause of her death.
Judy Ott 8624 East National Road 04-05-83 Deputies were sent to 8624 East National Road after Jerry Ott reportedly came home and discovered his wife dead of multiple stab wounds.
Denise R. Chance Baldwin Lane 03-20-85 Deputies were sent to Baldwin Lane reference to a deceased body being found in a ditch. The body was later identified as 18-year old Denise R. Chance, who had been reported missing from 3140 Erter Drive in the City of Springfield, Ohio on 01-07-85.
Walter C. Graham In Mad River, West of the City of Springfield, Ohio 09-17-89 The deceased body of Walter C. Graham was found lodged in a tangle of tree limbs in the Mad River just west of the City of Springfield, Ohio by two canoers. An autopsy was performed which found that Mr. Graham had died as a result of several gunshot wounds.
Peggy Louise Casey
Covington, Kentucky, Miami County, Clark County and Champaign County, Ohio 04-01-94
Peggy Louise Casey, age 39, was brutally murdered on 04-02-94. Her dismembered body was found in Miami County, Clark County, and Champaign County, over a 15-mile radius. She was last seen at 1:15 a.m. near Fifth and Madison in Covington, Kentucky, attempting to obtain a ride to her home in Latonia, Kentucky.
Robert G. Mitchell 1932 Biscayne Drive (Northridge) 03-16-97 The deceased body of Robert G. Mitchell was discovered inside his residence at 1932 Biscayne Drive, after a newspaper carrier discovered a fire to the residence. The autopsy of Mr. Mitchell found that he had died as a result of trauma to his head.
Mary Lucinda Vanculin East Possum Road at Railroad Tracks 05-31-97 The deceased body of Mary Lucinda Vanculin was discovered lying along the roadway on Possum Road near the railroad tracks. Prior to Mary Vanculin's body being discovered, she was last seen in the City of Springfield, Ohio.
Crystal E. Proctor Osborn Road 07-27-97 The deceased body of Crystal E. Proctor was discovered in a cornfield off of Osborn Road. An autopsy was performed by the Montgomery County Coroner's Office which found that Ms. Proctor's death was undetermined but was a result of homicidal violence.
John Edward Campbell & Raymond Kreitzer In Mad River, Near Ohio Edison Plant, 2341 West National Road 02-13-98 The deceased body of John Edward Campbell was discovered partially submerged in Mad River next to the Ohio Edison Power Plant. An autopsy was performed which discovered that John Edward Campbell had died of several gunshot wounds. On May 30, 1998, the badly decomposed body of Raymond Kreitzer was found just south of the location where John Campbell's Body was discovered in Mad River. Mr. Kreitzer had also received several gunshot wounds. Both John Campbell and Raymond Kreitzer lived together inside a camper next to Mad River, just north of State Route 41.
 Chad Mullenix 3881 Cabot Drive 1-23-03 The deceased body of Chad Mullenix was discovered inside his apartment at 3881 Cabot Drive. When Deputies arrived at the apartment they found that a friend of Chad Mullenix had found him inside the apartment and that he had died of a gunshot wound.
Angela Lee Hanaway
Mad River a quarter of a mile west of US 68
June 10, 2008
On June 10, 2008 at approximately 1600 hours the Clark County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a body found in Mad River later identified as the victim, Angela Hanaway. 

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