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Cole's Warriors Programming
Cole's Warriors
Cole's Warriors at bKenton Ridge
Cole's Warriors Director Danielle Smoot during her presentation to the students at Kenton Ridge High School.
Cole's Warriors is committed to providing knowledge regarding the consequences and dangers of prescription drug abuse and to effect and sustain school culture change.  This is accomplished through education, reducing the availability of Rx drugs through proper storage and disposal, offering teens a peer pressure release valve regarding the use of drugs while equipping them with refusal skills, and providing an anonymous avenue of reporting drug abuse and distribution in our schools and community.

Andy Wilson speaks at Kenton Ridge
Prosecutor Andy Wilson speaks at a school assembly

         1. School wide assemblies

         2. Health Classes

         3. Community groups   



Voluntary Drug Screening Program
drug take back
Some of the prescription drugs turned in as part of the Drug Take Back Program.
  • Purpose is two-fold:  give students a reason to keep saying "NO" to drug use, and to provide dialogue opportunities for parents.
  • Drug-free pledge and contract is signed between Cole's Warriors, the students, and the parent.
  • Results are confidential and only given to parents.
  • As schools are not involved in the program, they are not privy to results.  Therefore, no school punishment is given for a positive result.  
  • Cole's Warriors drug testing program participation as of October 1, 2013.

               Kenton Ridge    -    71   
               Northeastern     -    103    
               Northwestern     -   104 
               Shawnee            -   70
               CTC                    -   85  
               Tecumseh           -   270                              

  1. TipSubmit is a mobile app which allows tipsters to anonymously report to local law enforcement.
  2. The ability to anonymously report drug activity in schools empowers students to maintain confidentiality.
  3. http://www.tipsoft.com/index.asp?P=TipSubmitMobile

Permanent Drug Drop Off Boxes
drug take back box
One of 4 Drug Take Back boxes in Clark County.

          - 70 % of abused Rx are received from a friend or loved one

          - Unwanted and unneeded medications that are properly stored or disposed of will not make their way into the hands of those at risk of abuse

          - There are 4 Drug Take Back boxes located in Clark County:

              1. Springfield Police Department
                  120 North Fountain Avenue
                   Springfield, Ohio
                   24/7 drug disposal

               2. Springview Government Center
                   3130 East Main Street
                   Springfield, Ohio 
                   Available during business hours

               3. German Township Police Department 
                   3940 Lawrenceville Drive
                   Springfield, Ohio
                   Available during business hours

               4. Enon Police Department
                   363 East Main Street
                   Enon, Ohio
                   Available during business hours