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Elder Abuse Information
Indicators/Signs of Elder Exploitation
  •  Unemployed adults reside in the home with older/disabled adult.
  • Victim self-reports
  • Sudden changes in banking habits
  • New name on bank signature card(s).
  • Unauthorized withdrawal(s).
  • Abrupt changes in the will.
  • Unpaid bills even though adult has adequate funds.
  • Forged signature for transactions.
  • Appearance of uninvolved relative(s)
  • Sudden transfer(s) of assets.

Financial Concerns Checklist

Are you having any of the following common concerns?

  • I have trouble paying bills because the bills are confusing to me.
  • I don't feel confident making big financial decisions alone
  • I don't understand financial decisions that someone else is making for me.
  • I give loans or gifts more than I can afford.
  • My children or others are pressuring me to give them money
  • People are calling me or mailing me asking for money, lotteries.
  • Someone is accessing my accounts or my money seems to be disappearing.

Assess Financial Capacity

In general some older adults worry about money.  Here are some questions to consider regarding your financial matters.

  • Who manages your money day to day?  Yourself or someone else?
  • If someone else, how is that going?  Do you trust them with access to your money?
  • Do you run out of money at the end of the month?
  • Do you regret or worry about the financial decisions you've recently made?
  • Have you given power of attorney to another person?  Has anyone recently asked you to change it?
  • Do you have a will?  Has anyone recently asked you to change it?