Billing Information

When Is My Bill Due?

Bills are due on Monday, unless it is a holiday, then the bill is due on Tuesday. The date varies month to month. Below is a list of when districts are due.

Park Layne, Huber Heights, Greene County, Miami County, Lawrenceville and Donnelsville

- Due the first Monday of the month

Green Meadows, Houck Meadows, Holiday Valley, Hunters Glenn, West Enon, Medway and Crystal Lakes

- Due the second Monday of the month

Northridge (account numbers 301-xxxxx-xx thru 305-xxxxx-xx) and Rockway

- Due the third Monday of the month

Northridge (account numbers 401-xxxxx-xx thru 408-xxxxx-xx) and Limecrest

- Due the fourth Monday of the month

How Is My Bill Calculated?

Water meters are read monthly and bills are generated based upon the readings obtained. Periodically bills may be estimated due to weather or other events which prohibit us from getting an actual reading. Consumption is measured in cubic feet. 1 cubic foot is approximately 7.48 gallons. A minimum charge bill includes any usage from 0-300 cubic feet. As long as the water service is on and available to a home, there is at least a minimum charge bill due each month. Any usage over 300 cubic feet is billed in 100 cubic feet increments.

Sewer only accounts are billed monthly based on a "flat rate" fee.

Monthly Automatic Payment Deduction (ACH) is Available

To have your payment deducted directly from your checking or savings account monthly through our ACH program, please call us at 937-521-2150 and ask about enrolling.