Inmate Account Deposits

Inmate Accounts

Every inmate in the Clark County Jail has a prisoner account and is able to purchase various items including:

  • A birthday card with a stamp for $1.68
  • A deck of playing cards for $1.93
  • Phone cards
  • Chocolate moon pie for $0.65 cents

Kiosk Deposits

All deposits for inmates in the Clark County Jail are made in the lobby of the Clark County Public Safety Building using the kiosk. The kiosk accepts cash or credit cards. The kiosk will not accept one or two dollar bills and will not give change.

Family and friends may come into the lobby of the Clark County Jail 24 hours a day, seven days a week and make a deposit in an inmate’s account. They will need the inmates ID number and the correct spelling of the inmates name. The inmate ID number is needed regardless of which method you choose to use, along with the correct spelling of the name. Each transaction will be charged a fee.

Online Accounts

Money can also be deposited in an inmate account on the Inmate Deposits website or by calling Cybersuite at 866-345-1884.

Note: As of 2009, the Clark County Jail no longer uses the J-Pay system to deposit money in an inmates account.