Zoning Jurisdiction Map & Information

Downloadable Zoning Maps

Please visit the Clark County Auditor GIS website for downloadable zoning maps.

Click here for the Zoning Jurisdiction Map & Contact Information for Clark County.

Contact Information

Based on your property location, please use the numbers listed below for zoning related questions.

LocationNamePhone Number
Bethel, Green, Harmony, Mad River, Madison and Moorefield townshipsAllan Neimayer, or
Jennifer Tuttle
City of New CarlisleRandy Bridge937-845-9492
City of SpringfieldSteve Thompson937-324-7674
German TownshipGeorge Degenhart937-964-1661
Pike TownshipJason Bishop937-925-3419
Pleasant TownshipJack Remley937-925-1937
Springfield Township                 September BZA Meeting PacketAllan Neimayer, or
Jennifer Tuttle
Village of Catawbacontact village office937-828-1345
Village of Donnelsvillecontact village office937-882-1375
Village of EnonKevin Siferd
Village of North Hamptoncontact village office937-964-1362
Village of South CharlestonTricia Waring937-462-7176
Village of South Viennacontact village office937-568-4311