Jim Stouffer CCW Administrator- has had working vacations in the Philippines where he has instructed members of the Philippine National Police and Philippine Bureau of Investigation in semi-automatic pistol. Jim is a U.S. Air Force veteran and saw action in the Dominican Republic during the revolution there in 1965-66. He also is a Viet Nam veteran. Jim is an NRA Training Counselor as well as a certified instructor, teaching ’Home Firearm Safety’, ’Basic Pistol’ and ’Personal Protection In the Home’ as well as ’Refuse To Be A Victim’ a non-firearms course that teaches personal awareness, home safety and travel tips. He is also an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. He is an avid competition pistol shooter shooting in USPSA matches as well as Cowboy Action Shooting matches. Jim also teaches a course he developed called, ’Personal Protection Options’ which deals with the options a person has for self defense. He is co fouder of the Western Ohio Personal Safety Firearm Training Group which is a non-profit group teaching Concealed Carry classes. He has been employed as the Concealed Handgun Licensing Administrator for the Clark Count Sheriff’s Office for the past 5 years.