Cleanup Trailer

A photo of the Community Cleanup Trailer and other marketing materials.

General Guidelines

The Community Cleanup Trailer is available for loan free of charge to Clark County residents and community volunteer groups (minimum of five households or groups with at least five volunteers). The Community Cleanup Trailer should be used for neighborhood cleanups, for beautifying public areas, or for clearing vacant lots, not for an individual’s property or for commercial purposes.

The Clark County Waste Management District (CCWMD) will deliver and pick up the trailer at the designated project area. The trailer is loaned on a first-come, first-served basis. A $25 deposit is required. The deposit is returned once all equipment is returned in good condition and the Cleanup Report Form is turned in. Please call 937-521-2025 for trailer availability.

To Use the Community Cleanup Trailer

Submit the Application Form, Project Coordinator’s Waiver, and Participants List at least two weeks before your scheduled cleanup.

The Participants Waiver must be filled out on the day of the cleanup and returned with the trailer.

The Cleanup Report Form should be returned within seven days of completing your project.

For helpful suggestions on organizing a cleanup, see How to Get Started.

All forms can be downloaded at the links above or can be obtained from the Clark County Waste Management District, 1602 West Main Street, Springfield, OH 45504.

Questions? Call Bonnie Martens at 937-521-2025 or email

Participation requirements

  • Must be used in Clark County.
  • Minimum of five households involved in the project or a group of at least five volunteers.
  • Trailer may be borrowed for a maximum of three days.
  • Project must have a designated coordinator.
  • Designated coordinator will assume responsibility for the following:
  • Completion and submittal of the Community Cleanup Trailer Application, Coordinator’s Waiver and Participant List at least two weeks prior to event.

  • Ensuring all participants using the equipment from the trailer are at least 18 years old and have completed the Participants Waiver.

  • Meeting CCWMD staff when the trailer is delivered and picked up at your project site. Staff person will not wait longer than 15 minutes to meet you at the site.

  • Confirmation of equipment inventory with CWMD personnel upon delivery of the trailer and upon return of the trailer.

  • Distributing supplies to participants and ensuring all equipment is operated safely. Retrieving supplies once the project is completed.

  • Properly securing the trailer and its contents.

  • Ensuring trailer is free of trash and debris upon return.

  • Ensuring a proper parking location for the trailer in the project area.

  • Replacement of any missing items or items not returned in the condition they were received (normal wear and tear excluded).

  • Completion of a Cleanup Report Form within seven days.