Report Illegal Dumping

Call 32-TRASH to report illegal dumping and littering!

All citizens of Clark County should know that littering is a crime. This 24-hour hotline has been established to focus attention on littering and dumping by asking people to report any suspected activity so that it can be investigated and/or cleaned up. When calling the hotline, please provide as much information as possible concerning the location, the type of materials dumped, and any description of the offender—it helps to have a license plate number and description of a vehicle. The caller’s name & phone number are useful as well, but you can remain anonymous.

Clark County is confronting littering and dumping in various ways. One primary tactic is two full-time dedicated Environmental Enforcement officers. Deputies George Bennett and Brad Tillman, who serve all jurisdictions within the county, are aggressively confronting environmental crime. The deputies handle dozens of investigations every year into illegal dumping and littering complaints, cleaning up the dump sites and making many arrests.

In addition, our deputies supervise the PRIDE Program.

  • Providing
  • Responsibilities for
  • Inmates through
  • Duties for the
  • Environment

The program allows select inmates from the Clark County Jail to help clean up dump sites and litter and help care for public areas. The PRIDE workers save thousands of dollars in cleanup costs every year, and have removed more than 100 tons of illegally dumped debris from public areas in Clark County every year since 1991! PRIDE also supports recycling programs and community cleanups.